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Getting addicted to making Youtube Videos!

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This Youtube Physics revision channel has started to take off. I’ve been  lucky in that now is the GCSE exam revision time in the UK so lots of kids are surfing the web for revision material – There is a lot out there! So I am trying to find stuff that has either not been covered or something I can give my style to. I have stopped filming myself with tablet but I am now using an app called Explain Everything – it’s excellent and very easy to use. Also I am trying to keep my videos short as most videos seem to go on way too long – It’s difficult!

Here are a few examples of working with explain everything.







My New Youtube Channel for Physics

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I’ve been experimenting recently with using my tablet to record videos of myself teaching. I have made a few videos for A-level and IGCSE Physics. Eventually the ideas is that I will cover all the material but it will take some time. I really want to try flip teaching and see if that is successful. I try and make a few videos of material I am about to teach and will report back on how successful it was.

If you are are a student who wants a revision video for either A-level of IGCSE please send me a message or leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to help. Anyway, here are some examples of what I have done so far.





Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated..

Are we doing enough for gifted and talented students?

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So much of a teacher’s time is spent on struggling students who do not show meunderstand concepts. I would estimate that 80% of my time spent with students is trying to guide the students who are failing and I generally leave the students who are working well to just get on with it. Of course there should always be differentiation going on in the classroom but gifted and talented students simply do not get their fair share of my time. How could I change this? I’ve been looking at Flip Teaching, The process where you record your lessons on a tablet and the students watch the video back at their own pace, answering questions as they do. I tried using the principal’s iPad to record a basic test of the idea using an App called show me. The great thing about show me is that all the recording and publishing software is built into the app. The only problem I have with it is that all the material that you produce goes straight on to the show me servers and I have no control over it. Here in South Africa we are still limited by our broadband speed so it would be much more useful to dump the videos on the local server here in the school than have them eating away at our bandwidth and data usage, which at R30 per gigabyte can soon get expensive when 30 students are all streaming video content. I think over the Christmas holiday I might try to produce a few lessons in video and do a little experiment in flip teaching in the new year.