Getting addicted to making Youtube Videos!

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This Youtube Physics revision channel has started to take off. I’ve been  lucky in that now is the GCSE exam revision time in the UK so lots of kids are surfing the web for revision material – There is a lot out there! So I am trying to find stuff that has either not been covered or something I can give my style to. I have stopped filming myself with tablet but I am now using an app called Explain Everything – it’s excellent and very easy to use. Also I am trying to keep my videos short as most videos seem to go on way too long – It’s difficult!

Here are a few examples of working with explain everything.







My New Youtube Channel for Physics

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I’ve been experimenting recently with using my tablet to record videos of myself teaching. I have made a few videos for A-level and IGCSE Physics. Eventually the ideas is that I will cover all the material but it will take some time. I really want to try flip teaching and see if that is successful. I try and make a few videos of material I am about to teach and will report back on how successful it was.

If you are are a student who wants a revision video for either A-level of IGCSE please send me a message or leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to help. Anyway, here are some examples of what I have done so far.





Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated..

What is the future of education?

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Where is education going? I’ve been teaching for seven years now and I have noticed some big changes even in my short time in the profession. I started teaching in the UK in 2006 but moved to South Africa in 2011. In South Africa many people seem to be interested in home schooling. They feel the state system has let them down and that even private schools do not give them what they need. With the plethora of apps, past papers and YouTube videos that are widely available online there is the feeling that they can go it alone. Is that wise? Nothing can really replace the experience of a professional teacher who is trained in pedagogy, knows their subject and knows how students tick.

Technology has really changed teaching. A lot of the time I am facilitating learningBUb8ASvIAAApEu5 rather than doing the teaching myself. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing. Students need to go at their own pace, to be independent learners and need to gain the key skills that will set them up for life. I recently discovered which is a fantastic site that can guide students through a multitude of problems in Mathematics and Science. They are set at the students individual level and I would strongly recommend any parents to push their children to give it a go, it’s sure to help.

What I do love about teaching with modern technology is the collaborative effort that you get when working with other teachers online. I joined when I started my teaching career. To begin with I was simply grabbing as many resources I could in order to keep my head above the water as a newly qualified teacher but I soon started uploading my own worksheets and Powerpoints – some have been downloaded over 50,000 times!! Amazing to think that my resources are being used in so many different classrooms. It even started to get a bit addictive.. The feedback from other teachers around the globe was very positive and this spurred me on to do more…